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School District Enrollment Forms and Information

(New Online Forms)

We are providing parents the ability to fill out enrollment forms through the Hello Sign portal.  Clicking on the blocks below will allow you to access and fill out the enrollment forms typically filled out during in person open house.  Once a form has been filled out  and submitted it will be available to school office staff.  This process is secure and only the user and the office staff will have access to the completed forms.

 We encourage all parents to take advantage of this program as it will minimize time spent on filling out forms during open house and also help  the school district maintain social distancing by minimizing delays in the enrollment process.   Any questions please feel free to contact the school office @ 573-736-2735.  Thank you for your support!

Student Medical Questionnaire

Enrollment Form (Federal) 

Enrollment form 

(School level) 

Free & Reduced Form

(School Meals)